Jail Pan House

Ahmedabad, visit a pan house and quit tobacco. Be healthy!!!!

Meet, the young boy from apnu ahmedabad, Ram Soni. The jailer of Jail Pan House.

No, you don’t have to be a criminal in the literal sense to visit this spot. If you chew on a pan, pan masala, tobacco or smoke a cigarette, you are eligible to visit this shop. Visit this pan house once and you will wonder, why such an ambiance. Why keep those Noose (Phasi ke phande…) hanging in an around the pan shop. Why is it created like a Jail?

“We want people addicted to tobacco to visit us. When they come here and ask for a Pan or a cigarette, they realize what wrong they are doing since when you enter this pan house, you feel like you are entering a dungeon, and hence all those Noose and Jail like ambiance. So slowly the realize their wrong doings and also we try and convince them to shift to a more better alternative then tobacco.”

Till date, Ram claims to have influenced, 10 of his tobacco pan addicted customers to either quit completely or shift to meetha pan. That’s one great achievement.

So all those, who need that extra push to quit their habits, you know where to go and get that extra KICK!!!

Jail Pan House is located Off CG Road, Near Freeze Land.

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