JAJARMAN Restaurant: Serving traditional Gujarati Delicacies

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What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say the words - Gujarati Restaurant?
A fixed Thaali, I bet. Well, it is high time we moved on, and let our taste buds partake in delicacies that go beyond the cliched sweet daal, dhokla, and puri! Restoring the lost fame of traditional Gujarati delicacies, JAJARMAN stamps it's mighty presence, near Baleshwar Party Plot, Sindhu Bhavan Road.

Decked up in traditional plush Sofas, with scored of tables laid out, it indeed justifies the word 'mighty'.
Skepticism will naturally set in when you lay your eyes on their menu, and find BHARELA KARELA; And why not? To be honest, we all hate this veggie. The very name itself says 'Bitter' Gourd but, believe me! BELIEVE ME, when I tell you, you wouldn't even get the slightest of hints when you indulge in the delicacy. Pair it up with BHAKHARI, and you are in for a worthy treat.
JAJARMAN also serves BHARELI BHINDI with METHI THEPLA, wherein each bite is a delicious combination of succulent bhindi and tasty spices, making the whole meal, simply delicious.

Talking about their classic staple offerings; Well, the RAJWADI KHICHADI with KATHIYAVADI KADHI notches the top spot with ease for, it is indeed the stuff that food memories are made of. While the mixture solely tastes amazing, add dollops of the spicy curry, making the melange of flavours and textures, completely irresistible.

More on the Kathyiwadi side of things, the restaurant's take on VAGHARELO ROTLO is indeed worth a mention. The spicy-tangy delicacy makes for quite an appetizer, if not an apt order for mains.
For the ones who don't want to experiment with their palette, the JAJARMAN SPECIAL MIX VEG, makes for a quite a meal, that goes extremely well, with the Indian bread of your choice.

Serving traditional Gujarati Food in a plush ambiance; What's not to like about JAJARMAN?

Address: JAJARMAN Restaurant, near Baleshwar Party Plot, Sindhu Bhavan Road, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad.

Contact: 9909511935

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