Jassi De Parathe Offers You Chocolates on Friendship Day!

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They say nobody is better than a Punjabi when it comes to friendship. But since we cannot give you a Punjabi friend, we are helping you with the next best thing – Punjabi food with your friends; at a restaurant which is truly Punjabi (and not just North Indian) at heart & in kitchen : Jassi De Parathe

This Friendship Day, Jassi De Parathe has something different waiting for you. The food? Well, their food is sure to keep you amazed & happy like always but there is something beyond that. They are going to lit up your friendship with friendship belt & chocolate given as complimentary to everybody. All young people out there – head out to Jassi for lunch/dinner once you are done chilling out with friends. And for those oldies (at heart), who find the concept of friendship belt a bit cliché – remember your days from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Wasn’t it fun? 

Come on, be young – go take your friends to Jassi, tie that friendship belt, talk about your old days, laugh a bit, may be get a little angry on past for it passed & have some good food (don’t forget to pay the bill)

Offer available at all branches.
Phone :9510222000

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