Java+ @ Coutryard Marriott

Cuisines: Fast Food

Filters: Non Veg, Dine-in

Attributes: Lively

“When life gets routine and the colours fade away, when things look blur and nothing excites you enough.

When all is but an illusion and when you thought of giving it away, there’s always that ray of hope that would make your day”

Move Up in Life | the new age coffee bar Java+ | by Courtyard Marriott, Satellite – Ahmedabad, now launches for the first time in India in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad.

How would you feel if we let you in a secret that would give you a sense of pride and most importantly a sense of unparalleled excitement? Ahmedabad, be ready for you are treated to an option that will soon be your only choice.

Courtyard Marriot brings to India for the first time ever, Java+. A 24*7 coffee bar just that perfect for a sip of coffee or that on-the-go bite, anytime.

The desire of moving up in our life has always been that epicentre of our being. I mean, try considering the year’s gone by and you will understand. We always want to move ahead but not just ahead. We want to move up as well. This reflects in everything and anything that we do. Let it be our professional aspirations or personal. Let it be our home. Let it be our car. Let it be anything. We always move up. So why do we get stagnant when it comes to those times of fun and excitement.

How much of those boring and routine cafés can you bear? Do we visit them for they are good or cause we don’t have any option? Worry not, for the time of mediocrity has well passed, for now it’s time to indulge into a world of pure excitement, brilliant cuisine and a feeling of exclusivity.

Java+, the new age coffee bar at Courtyard Marriott promises to leave you mesmerised. A brand of upscale cafés that currently operate in hotels run by Marriott International in Singapore, Manila in Philippines and Suzhou in China, Java+ now launches for the first time in India in the vibrant city of Ahmedabad.

For the menu and the highlights refer the picture album.

The ambience is worth mentioning. Step inside the café and you enter a world that’s classy and young. It instantly relives you of that boredom or that feeling of ordinary. You are an exclusive here. What more, if you are a Harley owner, they have a reserved table for you. Just flash your Harley card and your Harely experience follows you in the café even.

The must visit is the vertical garden lounge. Thoughtful and well-designed lounge, this one’s for sure a blessing for the smokers.

Our experience at Java+ was truly unique. It takes you beyond the ordinary and relieves you of any apprehensions that you had about how to make life more exciting.

Java+ at Courtyard Marriott is for sure a blessing for Ahmedabad, for now we can boast and toast!!!

I say, “I am as exclusive as my Indulgence”, so let go of the ordinary and experience Java+

Java+ @ Coutryard Marriott, Satellite – Ahmedabad

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