Jethabhai Ni Haveli no. 1765

“Vaarso”, a Gujarati word and most of us know what it means! And people who don’t know, Vaarso is inheritance. Vaarso is something that you have got from your ancestors. Yes, today we are not going to talk about those urban places that we’ve got stuck into but something that is old, heritage and priceless. We are going to tell you about a living heritage. 

Where did we find this living heritage? In old city, in the Pols. 

Pols - Famous for the old and eautifully carved heritage houses. When you go to that walled city, you get lost in the beauty of those beautiful houses and that’s what happened with us too. We have been to the old city many times but had never seen the beauty so far. We went to Khadia where we were to meet Raheel Patel, the man behind a beautiful living heritage. His beautiful haveli, Jethabhai Sheth ni Haveli. We were astounded! How can someone have such a beautiful house? Haveli no. 1765, ask anyone and they’ll guide you. Jethabhai was born in year 1781. Got into opium and silk trading business brought prosperity and that’s when the haveli was bought. And now, his descendants are living in this beautiful haveli. 

People preserve such houses, they don’t stay but Raheel’s logic was different and we agree to it. Whenever a visitor goes to see such places, they just see it, say WOW words, go back and forget. Do they understand the history behind it? No, because no one’s there to give them knowledge and that’s one of the reasons Raheel is staying in the haveli. He wants people to know how old it is, who are in those black & white photographs, why does he have a rack full of old vessels and much more things. So unlike other places, when you visit Haveli No. 1765, you’ll understand about each & every corner of that home. Well, instead of us saying much about it, why don’t you visit this place and understand about the old this beautiful heritage. Not just that, he loves to follow the old traditions.

Raheel Patel runs an organization which is named as Vaarso. He is a designer, Painter and conservationist. Vaarso was established to march towards the conservation & preservation of our age old traditions, culture and heritage. They do the old culture alive by doing different activities on regular intervals. He was born and brought up in this beautiful Haveli which is known for its beautiful architecture. After seeing this haveli, you would at least think once that, why live in those modern houses when we have got such a beautiful houses to live in? Well, sometimes regret that why my parents moved to the urban side of the city. 

So this is about their beautiful haveli but wait. There is a small museum inside this haveli and for that you need to wait. We’ll bring that museum to you in short span of time, till than enjoy the photographs of 
Haveli No. 1765. 

Contact: Raheel Patel: 99798 73283




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