Jewellery that you can wear everyday by Eshyl

Attributes: Accessories, Jewellery, Belt, Cuff-links, Others, Earrings, Rings

“Jewellery is supposed to enhance your looks, ( only ) on occasions, especially on weddings.” - We know that the above sentence sounds wrong. But here is the proof-


One of the most adored Jewellery brands of city- ESHYL presents exclusive Office wear collection of Jewellery for the ladies!


“Simple, elegant, pristine”- exactly how you’d like to be, everyday!


Ditch the wait for occasions to wear Jewellery. Buy these beautiful pieces of art, that you can adorn, everyday!


Oh, you are a working woman? So what? Pick the piece that define your look from ESHYL!


With an expertise in 92.5% Sterling Silver Jewellery, ESHYL exhibits a confluence of contemporary designs, timeless traditions, complex craftsmanship and simple emotions.


They have an array of simple, minimalistic designs to peppy & slightly more embellished for you to choose from!


Shop no.12, Supermall, Nr Lal Bungalow, CG Road | 9375419990


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