Jingle All The Way 2nd Edition, The excitement is peaking

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Have you heard about the most awaited, exciting & the most unique dedicated kids event of Ahmedabad? No? Then here is your chance.

The most anticipated and exciting dedicated kids event of Ahmedabad with 30+ life size games spread across 25000 square feet to be held on 11th & 12th November, at The Green Pearl, Sindhu Bhavan Road – Jingle All The Way 2nd Edition is that one event that you shouldn’t be missed by your kiddos.

Presented by CityShor Ahmedabad and Kira, Jingle All The Way 2nd Edition is going to be amazing experience for your kids. Why? Read on and feel the excitement

Disclosing today is the first among the three sections at Jingle All The Way 2nd Edition, The Water Section. The section has 10  games, each unique and exciting. While we parents already know the amount of excitement our kiddos have when they play with water, Jingle All The Way 2nd Edition, taps into this excitement and with the unique games, raises the level of happiness to a new high!

Here’s a peak into some of the most exciting games at the Water Section

WATER BALLOON BASEBALL: This time let your kiddos play the game and let them play it with a twist. With a water filled balloon thrown at them, all they have to do is to hit the balloon with their baseball bat. Excited much! We are!!!

PASS THE WATER: A team game, wherein the Kids are supposed to win the game by passing the water as fast as they can with the least spillage!

WATER BALLOON VOLLEYBALL: Team pitching against each other in a volleyball match! The Change here, the ball is not the typical volleyball instead its a water filled balloon the teams have to catch the ball with the help of a sheet! Hold on tight, you drop it, you lose it!

PUSH THE BALL: A Team is tasked to push a ball to its mark only using water guns.

Last year, Jingle All The Way had attracted a footfall of nearly 6000. Being the first of its kind event there was unparallel excitement in the parents and kids alike. Kids were thrilled to see and play games that they had never played before. Choosing from an option of 30+ Life size games was a huge task for the kiddos since they wanted to play every game. We are proud to say that Jingle All The Way provided an unique experience to kiddos and they were absolutely ecstatic about participating in the event.

This time around, Jingle All The Way continues to raise the bar and provide an even awesome of an experience to your kiddos. With 30+ Life size and unique games, dedicated food court (Veg Only) with Kids specific food menu, and two days of absolute fun and happiness, Jingle All The Way 2nd Edition is that one event, your kiddo shouldn’t miss.

Jingle All The Way | 11th & 12th November | The Green Pearl, Sindhu Bhuvan Road. Ahmedabad




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