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Jobs ‘Not Done Well’ …!

Jobs is actually what most of the jobs look like before you get in – “Not to your expectation.” … I mean weren’t you expecting moments where you see the rise, fall and the ‘wow / aww’ feeling around it? Weren’t you expecting to decode the success formula of one of the Best Innovators of World? For somebody who always believed (& did) in never creating a ‘me-too’ product and always created world-class out-of-the-box products; for somebody who is an aspiration to every start-up of World (& everybody else) … the movie comes subtler than what his real life would have been.

The movie begins with Jobs launching Ipod in a town hall session of Apple and then drops into the flashback starting with his college days. The movie entails his life as a teenager, his passion for innovation, his personal life, his vision, sifts through his man management & negotiation skills and his ability/inability to handle situations. The first half keeps you pretty engaged but the second half fails to keep you occupied. There are engaging & interesting scenes but you wish they were more, I don’t know, clearer!? No, it’s not that the ‘story’ is not good; it’s just that the telling part is not proper. For eg, in a scene Jobs calls Bill Gates & alleges him for stealing a software! You miss the drama around it. And then are few other such scenes.

But anyways … all said & done, there are good number of reasons you should still watch this movie for :

-          Like many others, Jobs life has influenced yours too.

-          You don’t like reading biographies!

-          You don’t want to miss out ‘talking about this movie’ in group.

-          You want to get inspired :)

-          You believe – ‘in a biographic documentary-kind movie like these, story telling is not as important as story is’

-          And last but not the least … you like Ashton Kutcher (yes, of course, he too has a fan following)

Overall, 2.5 out 5 shors to this unsatisfying Jobs!

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