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Here’s the awaited movie of this week – ‘Jolly LLB’. Seen the trailer? – It is so predictable – I have never understood why we get attracted to movies when we can make out everything about it right from the trailer. A struggling lawyer gets a famous case out of fluke which makes him fight against the most respected, famous and arrogant lawyer of the country. Since the struggling lawyer is fighting for the truth; after overcoming lot of obstacles, he finally wins the case. ‘Jolly LLB’ is a one-time watch film. The movie definitely has few scenes, lines, which grip you a bit especially just before the break; however, 80% times the movie doesn’t hold and doesn’t make you think ‘what’s next’. In fact, court scenes – which ideally should have been the most exciting part in such movies is not at all great. Anyways, it’s a one-time watch film and is not a complete waste-of-money. Amrita Rao has a very small role but as always she looks beautiful and ever young. Go, enjoy and share your feedback with us.

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