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Today we bring to you one of the few café and lounges in Ahmedabad that not only appeals to our appetite and soothes our senses.

Situated opposite prahlad nagar garden, Juice lounge & Rollacosta is one such unique experience that leaves us wanting for more. So here, we take you inside the café. Hope, we will be able to do justice to the spell binding effect it had on us.

The ambience -

The walls bathed in ivory white, are adorned with sketches of  Ahmedabad, it’s skyline, Sabarmati river front and all the prominent places you associate with old and new Ahmedabad. The hand drawn artwork , transports you to the by lanes of the old city and the rustic charm of it’s ‘pols’ and ‘darwazas’, and then continues to explore the landmarks of the new Ahmedabad.  This is in stark contrast with the other side of the wall which depicts the workings  of a futuristic  fruit factory, and beautifully captures the different emotions of the fruits as they get down to the business of turning into ‘fresh juices’ . The intricate detailing on the walls is bound to keep you amused. Don’t be surprised if you discover something new at every visit! So while you place your order, you can have fun identifying the different places or giggling at the cleverly done fruit jokes.

The opposite  wall showcases food puns done on popular movies and tv shows. If you’re a ‘Game of Thrones’ fan, the ‘dinner is coming’ tagline will make you grin like a Cheshire cat, and so will the fun takes on ‘Pulp Fiction’, ‘Star Wars’ and loads of other pop culture references. Books, music and a friendly warm buzz gives it a ‘happy place’ feel.

Now onto what we tried there -

When you’re done looking at the walls or soaking in the goodness of the place, you can continue your journey down their culinary avenue, starting with their signature juices. We tried their Big 5 (apple, mango,strawberry, pineapple, kiwi) which they claim to be their best and after tasting it, we understand why! We were a little sceptical about trying their ‘ Immune booster’ (orange, lemon, spinach, apple), but were pleasantly surprised by a burst of it’s fresh and slightly tangy taste. Who knew a  juice which had spinach in it could taste so good!

The perfect accompaniment to the juices was their paneer  ‘Shawarma’.  The paneer  spiced ever so slightly to retain it’s flavour, coupled with all the sinfulness of four different types of sauces and wrapped in pita bread, was sumptuous to the core. ‘Harissa’ sauce served  with  it, had our tastebuds longing for more.  Shawarma -traditionally a non-vegetarian Middle Eastern speciality is a must try for all the vegetarians, for whom having  it was not on the cards till now!

Pizza- Their Italian pizza was next on our list. We were looking forward to this ever since we walked in and spotted their ‘we make our own fresh dough’ sign on the chalkboard. True to their words, we could feel the freshness in every bite. Topped with paprika, capsicum, American corn, black olives, mushrooms and fresh basil and loaded with triple cheese on a crisp base, the pizza turned out to be a spectacular combination of spices, flavours and earthiness.

Pasta lovers must try their ‘Pasta Pesto Basilico’ which was the underdog of the meal. Simple yet extraordinary, the creamy sauce can easily be called a pesto lover’s dream sauce.

Sandwich – Italian cheese grill. A medley of flavors filled my mouth as we took my first bite. And the same happened with the second. And third.  Each ingredient played with each other in a perfect harmony , making every chew a new and exciting adventure.

LOW fat smoothies , protein shakes and salads for the health conscious.

It's here that we would like to sprinkle in a few words of praise for the service at the restaurant. You are made to feel absolutely at home ; every dish is served with a smile and a flourish - at times accompanied by a helpful tip or two.

So this weekend, let you spent some time at this place and feel the magic work. For every sense that will be awakened, you will experience a new yourself.

Address: 12, First Floor, Camps Corner 2, Opp. Prahlad Nagar Garden, Prahlad Nagar

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