Kadak Badshahi is Back!

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KADAK BADSHAHI will be back at NATARANI again from the 3rd of December till the 9th of the same month. We assure you that this play should not be missed and you can get your passes from venue itself (Natarani Cafe/Natarani Office) or book them on +91-07927556669/natarani@darpana.com or book online on www.smeam.com

Directed by Yadavan Chandran, Mallika Sarabhai, Nisarg Trivedi; Kadak Badshahi was an epic play for me. Who thinks of researching in such a depth and takes you through 600 years of journey of Aapnu Amdavad? Mallika Sarabhai wanted something unique on 600th anniversary of Ahmedabad and together, the imagination took shape in reality.

Each event and character takes you towards the real old Ahmedabad that was built 600 years ago. This play is not just your regular play on the stage. You also sometimes feel that you a part of it. The use of the river front road behind the stage was extraordinary. Out of nowhere you will witness some bikers honking and then you realize that “Oh, even this is a part of the play!” The good and the bad stories of Ahmedabad will make you cry and smile at the same time and you’ll feel proud of the journey the city has faced.

Was it difficult to showcase 600 years old Ahmedabad in just 90 minutes? Well, you can be the judge of the same once you have witnessed the play. The portrayal of Ahmed Shah’s thoughts, to building a city to Gandhiji’s freedom fight, the story behind Ellis-Bridge and Kankaria, the mill workers when the mills were shut, the local Gujju food, just about everything was a delight to witness. The dance performance surely added an extra feather to this play. Well, the credit also goes to the effects they had utilised to perfection.

At the end, you actually get confused whether the play is over or there’s still more to come and then comes the finale. It truly was an amazing experience. And it doesn't end until you exit the premises. The old style tawas and food lorries will also amaze you! From moment you enter till you exit, the décor depicts old Ahmedabad. If you have missed Kadak Badshahi, here comes it again.

Do get your passes at the earliest from venue (Natarani Cafe/Natarani Office)
or book them on +91-07927556669/natarani@darpana.com or book online on www.smeam.com 
Trust us, don’t wait till the last day because the passes tend to get sold out in just a few days. The dates are 3rd to 9th December. Cheers.

Venue: NATARANI, Darpana Academy, Near Usmanpura Cross Road, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad

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