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Cuisines: Pizza

Filters: Vegetarian Only, Dine-in

Attributes: Street Food


Imagine a pizza crust which is golden brown, crispy, thin and crumbly. Next, picture a red sweet tangy tomato sauce on top of it. Visualize it baking in hot oven and when that oven door opens, comes the aroma so sweet that it makes you swoon. Then comes some freshly chopped onions and capsicum and last but not the least that heap of shredded cheese which will make you forget about your diet. Now, that you have that picture we will tell you where exactly this divine ‘BHAKHRI PIZZA’ made.

Kamal pizza is a small pizza and sandwich stall which has been running for past many years! At kamal you get what you see. No complicated toppings or sauces just good old bhakhri pizza. But do not let the simplicity of their menu fool you. Each pizza is made from scratch. The dough is kneaded right in front of you. Baked right in front of you and the cheese is shredded right before serving you. So you can easily put a tick on your fresh and hygienic boxes. And the taste… oh boy!! The taste will just make you go into that small cocoon where nothing exists but you and that pizza, and trust us one pizza won’t be enough. So don’t fret over it too much, just make that trip to kankaria. It will be definitely worth it.

Nr, English Bright School,
Maninagar Road, Kankaria,
Ahmedabad- 380022.

Ph no- 9510544223

Article & Images by: Hothal Patel

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