Kankaria lake Ahmedabad

Kankaria lake - Paragon of Ahmedabad

There are millions of small things which gives a city its essence and recognition, same way Ahmedabad is also made of many such small things but there is one place by which Ahmedabad city gets its recognition and that place is Kankaria Lake.

Built in 15th century by Sultan Kutubuddin, Kankaria Lake is a majestic must see location. It was completed in 1451 CE and named as “Qutub hojj”. It was primarily built as lake for the king to use it for bathing. It has all the traces of royal architecture and beauty. Its structure and steps can tell you a story that no words can describe.

Right in the middle of the Lake there is a garden called “Nagina Vadi”. It is connected to the lake by a beautiful walkway. Surrounded by absolute beauty that this Lake and garden provides, one can spend endless amount of time sitting with their loved ones.

It is a perfect place where adults as well as kids can enjoy their day. Kankaria Zoo, officially named as Kamla Nehru Zoological Park is home to many different and rare animals and bird species. From tigers to bush quails kids can get to see all the animals and birds that they have either seen on TV or in a book. This is the best place for kids to learn as well as have fun at the same time.

That’s not all. After an enthralling stroll in the zoo, it’s time for some good old fun rides along with an opportunity to see planetarium and a boat house, all of this at ‘Balvatika”, a kids theme park. House of mirrors, toy house, weapon displays and much more awaits for your kids to enjoy and see. It would be one of the most memorable places a kid can visit.

And just when your kids have thought, that’s all for today, you can take them to “Kid’s World”. This is a place for which your kids are going to be thankful for, for the rest of their lives. It is a mini virtual world where there is everything just like in real world but exclusively for kids. There is bank, police station, court, prison, fire station, radio station, science lab, hospital, heritage gallery and much more. There is also a system of virtual money so kids can have some real life experience with loads and loads of fun.

Now that the kids have felt like an adult, it’s time for adults to feel like kids. There are mini trains named “Atal Express” and “Swarnim Jyanti Express” which circles the whole lake and adults are allowed on these toy trains too!!! After an amazing toy train ride how about a balloon ride? Ahmedabad Eye is a balloon safari which takes you up and lets you see the whole city and it glorious beauty. Just out of Ahmedabad Eye, are four restaurants each of different theme so after a fun but tiring day one can enjoy a nice meal while overlooking the lake.

Isn’t all that exciting? Just get a ticket and be ready for a fun filled day. As Kankaria Lake is an epitome of modern and classic all rolled into one. While you are enjoying all the modern day fun you always manage to get a glimpse of its regale past and this is what this city is all about; modern but deeply attached to its heritage.

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