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Kashmir, India`s northernmost state, the influence of the Mogul emperors, the Mongolian conquerors of India, coupled with several Muslim preparations, have made the meat-based Kashmir cookery famous. It is rich and spicy but not hot and pungent. When was the last time you could get your hands on authentic Kashmiri cuisine? Well, you can now. W XYZ at Aloft Hotel, has organised a week long Kashmiri Food Festival which has already begun since the 12th of September (Friday) and will be there till the 21st of this month (Sunday).

The restaurant have a elegantly designed typical Dastarkhwan setup, which literally means a big, ceremonial dining spread. They have set a buffet which serves a w-i-d-e array of delicasies for you to savor. Starting with their local tea, Kahwah; isn't your normal everyday chai. The traditional green tea preparation is served with crushed almonds and can be sipped by adding either salt or sugar. Tamatar ka Nichore, a tomato soup and Maaz Yakhni Shorba, a lamb based broth are piping hot lip-smacking soups to dig into before gorging on the food.

Sticking to the roots of Kashmir is Tabak Mazz, a classic lamb rib preparation. The juicy meat has a mild taste to it which slips off the bone with ease and is an integral part of Wazwan. More on the servings which feature lamb, are Gustava and Rista, which are served in place of each other and are one of the core elements of the ultimate formal banquet. The meatballs served in a white yogurt gravy and a fiery red gravy respectively are outstanding when it comes to the texture, consistency and the contrasting taste of both the curries.

When it comes to Kashmiri cuisine, there are chicken based specialties as well. The Kukur Mewa Pulav, which is a fusion rice recipe cooked with nuts, raisins and chicken, is delicious and healthy. The Kukur Dhaniwal, a typical north Indian dish, is made with chicken and cilantro with a generous amount of fried onions. The citrus aroma of fresh cilantro, sweet fried onions and creamy yogurt makes it a finger licking dish.

Despite the fact that meat is one of the core ingredient, Kashmir is known for it's signature vegetarian luxuries as well. Tsaman Josh, is an aromatic paneer dish of Persian origin. The tender paneer served in a red curry is spot on with the the spices and contrasts exceedingly well with Nadur Yakhni, a lotus root fare in yogurt gravy. That is not all, there is Dum Aloo in it's mild curry and Masala Wagun, an eggplant special which can be munched with either roti or steamed rice.

For the separate stomach of ours meant especially for desserts, amid their outspread; the Shola e Zarb is something out of the world. Gulab Jamuns served with sweet saffron rice, make a combination that you definitely haven't come across yet. If this isn't alluring enough then we don't know what is. Head to W XYZ, Aloft Hotel after a serene drive down the highway to discover how a heavenly destination can be paradise for the palette as well. Cheers.

Address: 147/1 Opposite Bhagwat Vidhya Peeth, S.G Road, Sola, Ahmedabad 380061
Contact: +91-9687634280

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