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God didn’t keep it simple. Neither does he want us to be. So flaunt all that you can.

I mean all this discussion about being Simple and plain is for those who don’t have taste. Look around, God didn’t keep things simple when he created us. Being Simple is just not in. You wear that beautiful dress but then when it comes to accessories, you choose to be simple. You wear that amazing party gown but don’t want to put on accessories cause you feel it would be too loud. I mean, why? Why should you not wear a beautiful piece of earring that goes just perfect with your traditional outfit? Why not flaunt a beautiful jewel studded neck piece with that halter-neck party gown?

Trust me, the more you get all Fashioned up, the more compliments will be your way. If simple won compliments, there wouldn’t be diamonds and pearls.

CityShor presents to you Kayaan Jewels by Krutarth Shah. This one store will change your perception about being simple. Kayaan Jewels caters to the women of today. The woman who longs for that perfect look. A store filled with loads of handcrafted jewelry to make you look stunning than ever. Krutarth Shah started Kayaan after seeing the success in his Diamond  business. Following the same dream with a new concept, the jewelry designs at Kayaan are very special for all the girls.

Designed in 925 sterling silver, each piece is handcrafted and fused with Austrian Swarovski, Italian Stones, Semi Precious Stones, Beads & Jadtar. The colors of all jewelry are chosen correctly to keep the color combination of today’s trend in mind. Not only that, the most difficult part of making 925 silver jewelry with such designs was more than difficult but the designers never lost the hope and made the designs that are more than perfect.

The designs of all the accessories are unique. It can be a Small Ring to Big Necklace, Mang Tikkas to Bracelets, Traditional to Fusion collection, Short and Long Earrings and what not. For every precious function there is a unique design available for you.

So stop being simple and visit this amazing designer store today!

Address: Titanium City Center, Shop no. G-5, 100ft Anandnagar road, Next to Sachin Tower, Prahaladnagar, Satellite.

Email: Kayaanjewels@gmail.com

Contact: 9904403963, 9824200711

Time: 10:30am to 8:30pm

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