KBob's is now at Juhapura

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Hear! Hear! Hear! KBOB'S has launched it's new restaurant at Juhapura to cater all non vegetarian lovers! The brief of the restaurant which opened its doors this Monday, is to serve the ol' Indian non-vegetarian in a modern ambiance. I headed to this brand new space with a jump in a footsteps to try out the same.

The panelled glass façade adds on a decent allure to the restaurant's dining room which is subtly dominated by greyish, faux leather seating. With diligent attention to design, the ambiance gives a sense of modernity to the traditional fare on offer.

The menu at KBob's is divided into Indian and Chinese. It highlights the house specialities, tweaking recipes here and there. We let the Chinese section be this time around and go with the in-house recommendations: MUTTON SHEEKH KEBAB, CHICKEN SHEEKH KEBAB MASALA, GURDA FRY, BHEJA FRY, CHAAP, MUTTON CURRY along-with their assorted range of Indian Breads. 

With such an outspread I could hardly contain myself from getting my hands to the nearest delicacy and whatever i ate, actually consisted of rich meat, luscious gravies along-with warm, fresh rotis. The MUTTON SHEEKH KEBABS were radiant with natural flavours, sharpened by the tang of spices; soft and supple in the mouth. The GURDA and the BHEJA FRY was deliriously tender and makes a pleasant change with the texture and taste that it had to offer. The cuts of MUTTON CHAAP were swollen with thick and scrumptious gravy , cooked to perfection. The MUTTON CURRY lured me to take the plate back and mop up the sauces with buttered naan in the confinement of my room. It was just-that-good. Having nailed the non-vegetarian, we have no doubts about their vegetarian either.

At the end, the new branch of KBob's turned out to be a great new find and definitely worth visiting for some sublime delicacies. Cheers.

Timings: 12 pm to 3 pm | 7 pm to 11 pm
Address:  Owais Avenue, opp. Reliance Petrol Pump, Juhapura, Ahmedabad-380058

Contact: +91-079-65245566

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