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One wonders what does it take it to come up with a real good horror movie in India? What works with audience? Animation? Blood? Gory faces? Sexy actress? Yes, may be. But what matters even more is an amazing script, perfect timing, newness, background music, natural acting & much more.

How is Khamosiyan? Same old. Same old. Does it scare you? No. But it does tickle you somewhere else … thanks (or no thanks) to the skin show.

Ali is an unsuccessful writer & a heartbroken guy. Like other such actors in all the movies you have watched so far, he travels to some secluded peaceful mountain in search of the next story. And he checks in a guesthouse that has one bhoot, one girl, no staff and no guests. The girl is mysterious; and so is the bhoot (eh?). It takes half the movie for the girl to reveal her secret because the script says so senselessly. Ali falls for the mysterious girl Sapna, the owner of the guesthouse. The girl is in trap of ex-husband who is currently a bhoot. The movie is stretched with clichés and finally Ali & Sapna decide to burn the body of Gurmeet. Now, that’s logical. Anyways, for rest you go watch movie if you dare!

Ali, Sapna & Gurmeet – the acting skills are just okay. The skin show adds that masala to the movie that makes most of the audience sit through the not-so-good erotic-horror-suspense-thriller. Though they tried to make this a horror movie, for me there was hardly any spooky scene in the movie. No, it’s not a horrible horror movie but surely nothing great or different about it. Overall, you can skip the movie.

All in all, 2 shors out of 5.

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