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My question is why? Why is an uber royal family tolerating a candy flossed, not so well mannered physiotherapist when they have all the money in the world to hunt down literally anybody? Why is the Ma calling a zillion times with absolutely no meaningful conversation? And finally why is it so difficult to pen down a story/script before jumping to making a movie utterly dependent on lavish sets, a suave sculpted hero and in this case, Sonam’s wardrobe?
They say its loosely based on Hrishikesh Mukherjee’s Khoobsurat. We say buahahaha! It takes a visionary like Hrishikesh Da, penmanship of Gulzar and the acting prowess of Rekha for a result like that - simpleton yet delightful.
The story unfolds as a fairy tale or should we say, tries to unfold as one, only and only because of a forceful Disney image and association. A free spirited Dr. Milli (Sonam in her typical Delhi ‘Masakalli’ avatar) finds herself in a suffocatingly disciplined royal household in order to help a wheelchair bound king. Eye candy, Fawad Khan plays a well-groomed and sober Yuvraj Vikram Singh Rathore. You can already guess… a bubbly common girl, her struggle to set everything in place in a troubled household… a boring prince, their romance and the clashes of their family background… Did you just yawn like us? We wish there were more efforts to spin a better script around this story…
Just when you get the fairy tale vibe from the beautiful Rajasthan palatial locations, it is shattered at the hands of poor performance by the protagonist herself.  The clumsiness, perkiness and bubbliness of Dr Milli when delivered by Sonam are rather annoying, fake and done to death. Papa Kapoor you’ve done enough to make your daughter look pretty. Now please enroll her into some acting school too!
Lets come to the saviors. In her role as the Rani Saiba, Ratna Pathak Shah relives her Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai image only notches higher. Kirron Kher, the official Punjabi perky mom of Bollywood still manages to keep it running and fun just cuz of her apt comic timing. Fawad is composed and has a good screen presence. Watch out for Ramu Kaka too!
The locations wanna make you pack your bag and catch the next sunset in Rajasthan. Director Shashanka Ghosh did manage to make it look aesthetically pleasing.
The best however, is the music that’ll help you sit through it all. Sneha Khanwalkar manages to keep it young, easy on ears yet catchy.
All in all, ½ shor for pretty frames, ½ for music and ½ for supporting performances… more than fair 1 ½ shors. 

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