Khushboo Gujarat ki with RAJSHRUNGAR's Bandhani & patolas!

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What if we asked you to name one thing that reminds you of Gujarat? What would you think of? Khakhras and handvas? 

Absolutely not. In my opinion, nothing describes our beautiful motherland better than the traditional bandhanis and patolas; a quintessentially Gujju gift to our country’s heritage and culture. And what better way to take you back to those childhood sneak peaks into your mother’s cupboards to admire her gorgeous sarees than a four day extravaganza of the finest lot around town by the one and only Rajshrungar the hub of real bhandhani & patola‚Äč. 

Witness a wide collection of these evergreen beauties only for four days from 30th jan to 2nd feb at Anay Gallery‚Äč, next to KFC, opposite prahladnagar garden, Prahladnagar between 10 am to 9 pm.  

Rajkot’s sweetheart for all apparels elegant and graceful; RAJSHRUNGAR has now also carved out its own name and fan base in aapnu amdavad after numerous such exhibitions. The reason for such a loyal clientele is their unsurpassed quality, use of only the finest and the most genuine of fabrics as well as the hours of unremitting hard work put into creating these pieces which clearly reflects in the end products. 

From their precious patan patolas to beautiful shawls, bandhani garbs, gaji silk and even georgette dupattas, each piece is handcrafted with intricacy and embroideries like no other! The articles are ageless yet contemporary, traditional yet in trend and simple yet heart stopping; making this store a one stop designer hub of real bandhej and patolas without a doubt.

Come indulge yourself in these nimble fineries and have a chance to radiate opulence and grandeur wherever you go. Bring back home a little bit of happiness and a couple of memories only with RAJSHRUNGAR at ANAY GALLERY. Go back to your roots and do it proudly. Stand out from the rest. Look the woman you need to be. Cheers! 


Date: 30 th Jan to 2nd Feb
Time: 10 am to 9 pm
Venue: ANAY gallery, next to KFC opposite prahladnagar garden, prahaldanagar.
Contact: 9879187787

Tags: Khushboo Gujarat ki with RAJSHRUNGAR's Bandhani & patolas!

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