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Do I really need to review a Salman Khan movie for you? I mean aren’t you going to watch it in any case? It’s always difficult to review a Salman movie. When you watch as his fan, you forget the detailing, you forget the songs, you forget direction, story, etc. Nothing matters except Salman himself. Truly the only guy in Bollywood to carry that charisma across his sleeves. Effortlessly.

‘Kick’ is not different. It’s the same Salman you have seen earlier : A just so perfect guy. A guy who is intelligent, can read people’s mind, looks good regardless of what he wears, can kill 4 villains with one revolver & not even a dummy bullet in it, funny yet sensitive at the same time, macho-man & a chocolate boy  at the same time … & what not. However, for the sake of change, in Kick he wears a mask. But hold on, he has a reason for that – he is a thief; someone who steals for a noble cause (no, you never heard that before. OK?).

Kick starts with a bang. Gets you hooked on to the screen. As it moves further, it loses its charm many a places but the sleeves (or the very absence of sleeves) of Salman still keeps you on the glued to the seat. The story that starts as love story changes its track to the robberies, thrill etc, only to make you wonder what’s happening & why. You still continue watching it. And then comes Nawazuddin. The limelight shifts, not because of the footage that he gets but because he is that good. Truly a villain. However, you still don’t understand why things have to move to Poland & back to Delhi. A few scenes are so fast that you don’t understand and a few so slow that you yawn. Devi (Salman) is Devil and it’s not a suspense for anybody other than Randeep, Jacqueline & a few more. Randeep is yet again amazing in the role of Top Cop but overshadowed by Salman. He deserves better roles & more screen. Jacqueline is okayish. Mithunda is adorable. Direction – now, now … don’t you know how it works in Salman’s movie!

Go for it guys – worth watching for sure. 3 Shors

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