Kill late night hunger pangs with Philotes Midnight Delivery

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It’s time we change the concept of hunting restaurants which are open late in the night. Changing this perception, Philotes café has started with late night delivery! pulls a graveyard shift so you no longer need to worry about a good meal being delivered at your door step starting from 8pm all the way till 4am!

Kill those late night cravings while sitting comfortably in your home with your friends or family! Weekends are never complete unless we indulge into some weekend fun of either sitting in front of the TV and binge watching our favourite shows and movies, or simply having friends over!

This weekend make your home hangouts complete with the delicious array of wraps, sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, Chinese and much more. The taste and quality of food will always impress you craving for some more!

So change the trend of opening the door to an empty refrigerator finding something to calm your growling stomach and have Philotes Midnight Delivery take care of your late night snacking!

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