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Kitsch by Nik is showcasing their new collection at Weekend Window this weekend. You love their jewellery? Then don’t miss to visit their stall P 11 this Friday – Saturday – Sunday (28 -29 – 30th April) at YMCA Club Lawn, S.G.Highway.

Loved their weightless collection? Then here comes something unique again from the same label. Handloom strap neckpieces & their very first feet accessories! You thought they stopped making feet accessories? No, that’s where they started the label from.

So these very light purple & green strapped neckpieces should be on your list already from Weekend Window! Well, as usual very few are designed. So what does it have? As the creator of the brand Nirjari Shah loves travelling & digging the best possible material, she got these real bone beads, wood beads, ceramic beads & resin beads & then to match them, the perfect pastel tassels she used on this summary handloom straps. Whether you are a saree lover or a western wear lover, these neckpieces are just perfect to suit your style!

About their newly launched earrings:

Their new collection is colourful & summary at the same time & we are sure they are enough to style your look for any kind of occasion. Well, as they love the word “unique” always, One of the earrings made from acrylic plates & wrapped threads on it! A pair of earrings that touches your shoulder but doesn’t hurt the earlobes! Thoughtful huh? 

And do you remember those beautiful silver elephants? Yes, they are back again & this time in a pair of earrings. Twisted threads & an elephant on it! Just look at the picture to see how beautiful they look. 

To add on, their obsession for those one off kind neckpieces is never ending & hence they launch it again! This time it’s made from the bone beads, wood beads & resin beads with the handloom fabric as the neck strap! So summary! No itching on the neck as it’s as good as your cotton dress’s neckline!

Note: Everything is limited! So buy before it goes off stock!

Anything else? No, let the beautiful pictures talk about it! Meet Kitsch by Nik at Weekend Window & grab your favourite pair of earrings & neckpieces!

Stall no. P 11, 11 this Friday – Saturday – Sunday (28 -29 – 30th April) at YMCA Club Lawn, S.G.Highway. Time: 3 to 11pm.

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