KITSCH by NIK brings it's latest Master Piece at WEEKEND WINDOW

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Famous for feet accessories, KITSCH by NIK is back at WEEKEND WINDOW, with her latest additions of designs, exclusively for you! Browse the pictures, choose what you love and make your way down to the Flea Market at Stall no 38, this 25-26-27 December, between 4 to 11 pm, at the Karnavati Club Lawn.

A heads up, we won't be getting into thorough details as to what her designs are about, rather we will be  talking about Nirjari’s journey of making this one beautiful piece which she is so much proud of and believes it to be her own masterpiece.
Really not sure how the world would react but, the evening that final piece was ready, she could not control her happiness. If you won't appreciate the philosophy behind it all, you can stop right here and simply ogle the pictures.

So, what does a beautiful accessory comprise of?
Well, it is generally of a better quality than what you would find from a cheaper brand. Everything from the fabric, to materials, to the general cut, to the craftsmanship, novelty of the design, and loads more contributes to this.
You end up visiting many stores, places, shops, exhibitions, sites and end up buying what you like the most. But that’s not how a designer looks into while making a product – or rather – that’s not Nirjari’s perspective when she makes her own product. Kitsch by Nik is just not about delivering the product. It’s about delivering the efforts of late night work, trials & errors which are converted into the final piece. The best part is, she loves the way people would love her products & it’s just not about making money for her.

Like every creative personnel in the world, be it directors, artists, painters, craftsmen, the intention of Nirjari was to make a literal masterpiece. Like every day, her room was messed up with beautiful beads & threads & crystals, while she was just trying to make that piece.
The intention is to deliver the most unique every time but, by its nature ‘masterpieces’ are limited in numbers. Though the effort is always on but, it’s only a select few that tend to qualify as a masterpiece. "I should do this. I should do that. I should, I should, I should. Instead of ‘shoulds’ and focusing on what the world likes the most or what I can sell the most or what I can create at cheapest possible cost", Nirjari focused on "I must create a masterpiece, I must make time every day, I must kill my distractions."

Finally onto the much awaited masterpiece - PICCHU (feather).
Made using different kinds of peacock feathers, she has added a tassel & a chain of beautiful beads, that are pretty long in length; Ensuring every girl would fall in love with the creation of nature (feather) and human (beads & tassel).

Nirjari herself says, “My self-declared masterpiece is a result of obsession. I woke up thinking about it, I went to bed thinking about, in the bathroom, driving, every time and everywhere. It became my illogical obsession and it took me all over. I am proud!” Out of her approximately 200 designs till date, this is her second master piece after feet accessories that she is all gaga about. Well, let’s see which masterpiece is again created after some days, months or years.

Today, we simply just showcasing her master piece, other earrings & neckpieces. Keep an eye out for tomorrow, as we showcase her new designs in feet accessories. Cheers.

Dates: 25-26-27 December

Timings: 4 to 11 pm

Venue: Stall no 38, Karnavati Club Lawn, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9601457543

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