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The bhel-puri version of Hollywood hits, like X-Men, Mutant Chronicles, MegaMind, Avengers and even The Incredible

Krrish 3 is the third installment in the Koi Mil gaya series. The movie stars Hrithik Roshan, playing the protagonist (surprise!! surprise!!). The leading lady,hhmmmm, wait a minute, we forget who the leading lady was. Anyways, the name is irrelevant as the character itself. Krrish, this time around is pitted against the super evil, Kaal (Vivek Oberoi).

Kaal, is paralyzed neck down and is stationed on a wheelchair for all most all of the movie. But his brain is his strength. So the story continues. Kaal, creates a race of MANWAR. That’s Rakesh Roshan’s version of Manushya and Janwar to you. A breed produced by injecting the DNA of animals into human bodies. Kaal is hell bent on creating a force of this Manwar’s and destroy the human race.We mean why, for the entire part of the movie, we couldn’t see a valid reason for him to do so!!!

The plot of the fight between good and evil, flavored with superhuman powers has worked wonders for many a film makers and thus was expected of the Roshan franchise. But honestly, you are disappointed. The brilliance of Hrithik Roshan has been proved in movies like Guzarish, Lakshya and many others, but Krrish 3, keeps us wondering if it was Hrithik at all. The actor’s energy was there but a bit too much for the film. I mean, every time there was an emotional scene, we end up seeing the protagonist shivering with emotions.

Kangana has improved compared to her previous films. She is more then bearable now. In fact, she has delivered the best performance of the movie….that says a lot about the movie. Priyanka Chopra, screamed her lungs out insisting that she was the heroine of the film, only seemed to exist to be in trouble and cry out for help and act as a vessel for reproduction and furthering the cause of the franchise. Vivek Oberoi, has done his decent bit. A super villain, with pale looks, seems to fit him nicely. But alas! the script had him do things which otherwise would only be seen on a POGO or a Kid cartoon channel. Not to forget his sudden shift from the Megamind character to Magneto from X-Men.

Songs are a total no-no. The movie could have done without the songs. or could have been more bearable without them. The only thing that the movie screams out loud are the advertisements.As an audience, we are for sure not to miss them. Beyond a point it feels that the movie was made to put together brand endorsements of different products. There was no frame in the movie, that didn’t scream BRAND ENDORSEMENT.

Then there are the graphics. Honestly, the graphics are good, specially the last fight sequence between Krrish and Kaal. Overall, We rate the movie as bearable if you are a hardcore Hrithik fan or if you have kids who want to enjoy that Krrish feeling.

Krrish 3, could had been much better, should the creative team had been a tad more original. With all its twists and turns and the graphics, overall, a bearable movie, with a predictable story line and an even more predictable outcome.

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