Lakshaya PreSchool - It's a special school!

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The school that is not ordinary as others. It is meant for today’s generation, for the new age kids.

Choosing the school for your kids is one of those top most priorities for all the parents. Lakshaya, the school that has taken Preschooling to an altogether a different level!  As it’s said that the first five years of a kid’s life are most important and Lakshaya is the school we would suggest.

Why choose this school?

Teachers at Lakshaya recognize the critical importance of early years and it is therefore an important endeavour at Lakshaya to stimulate the child accordingly. Stimulation at this stage means exposing the child to different environments, fostering his curiosity, encouraging his questions and letting him explore and discover. 

Based on comprehensive research they have developed a unique curriculum called the ‘LAKSHAYA PROGRAMME’. The curriculum provides our children with a solid foundation for learning and helps them realize their full potential as intelligent, creative and whole persons.

Also, the other thing that they emphasis on is ‘Learning by Doing’. In this activity, there is an active engagement of the child with the material so the Children learn by doing things and thinking about what they are doing. Our processes seek to foster a love for learning in children so that they become life-long learners and not just the learner in school. The learning environment is fun with bright and spacious classrooms, international quality play equipment and teaching and learning aids, library, adventure playground, garden, multi-gym, sand pit, splash pool, engagements with nature and natural materials, field trips, etc. 

Angels rag bag exhibition: kids make stuffs like diyas, rangolis,cards, paper bags etc with the help of their teachers and in this exhibition we sell this items and the amount collected is donated to needy in a form of food packets… This packets are distributed by kids themselves…

Scrap book: this is a creative book in which kids make activities (rocket, fruits, vegetables etc) related to the theme and curriculum and this activities made are pasted in the book… The book is than given to parents at the end of academic year as a memory to cherish… 

Well, this is just a brief idea about Lakshaya Pre School, Visit the school to know what your kid should study there! 

Address: lakshaya preschool, near kensville golf academy, opp satyavati farm, b/h rajpath club, bodakdev..
Contact: 9925170556

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