Last Call for Photography Enthusiasts

This is the last and final call for all photography enthusiasts. Those who are still in long weekend hangover or who are still lazing around may miss this out. Well, we have told you about this twice earlier and here’s last and one more time. It’s time to pull up your socks if you want to make a career in photography, its time get ahead with your colleagues by enrolling up for what we are just going to recommend.

Yes, we are not talking about any ordinary institute here but something which gives you an access to elite photography education just at very affordable rates and that too with whatever convenience that you have always longed for. Exclusive weekend batches available along with the regular weekday curriculum which includes two months Photography Crash course, one year Diploma in Photography Certificate course and two month post-production courses.

Ravi Mistry, man behind the project, after years of experience from US and Australia has summed up his photography experiences of all his life and is all set to deliver you in the form a photography course. And he has got everything together to deliver nothing less than the best. Parmanad Dalwadi, an eminent and celebrated photographer in the city, is their featured faculty. You can Google it out to read more about him.

It’s for the first time in the city that he is trying to give you the privilege of premier institutes. He is trying to bring in real life experiences, intends to focus on how to achieve a new standpoint on one’s works and approach, wants his students to find and attain practical as well as conceptual knowledge about how to confront real situation. Well, obviously it definitely has other basic things which you find it everywhere else like how to handle camera, lights and other obvious details.

Limited seats available and it has filtration procedure as well. Be an early bird – give a call right away to them!

Contact him on +91 787 441 6629

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