Law Garden Now N Then- Khau gali vs Happy Street

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The big names that we’re fans of today, have their Origins rooted in this Gali, which is now Happy Street! Is it only the name that has changed? Read on to know more!

How will a child react, if you place them in front of the Gates of Disneyland, all of the sudden? It would be an outburst of Joy! NO?

This is exactly how I felt on visiting Law Garden as a Kid with my Family. There were exciting arcade games, rides, and a small Mirror maze inside! I loved it when those mirrors changed my shape, as I walked past them.

Right at the entry, there was a Popcorn vending machine, which never stopped popping the corn. Kids loved staring at them, and maybe it was just the smell. A cone full of popcorn at only Rs.10 !

Once, we’re done playing, adjacent to it, was the Khau Gali- where we’d go for Dinner! | AA PLAN HAMESHA INDIA NI MATCH JEVO HOTO. FIX!

There were no fancy setups, only plastic chairs and tables with an X-shaped pair of legs, and different larries around. Pavbhaji, Pulao, Ice creams, Kulfi, Tea, Punjabi- we’d get it all there. yes , a replica of Manekchowk with nominal prices!

Khau gali with food stalls, people and the food on the sides and traffic on the road. It resembled the feeling of Ahmedabad- Calm amidst Chaos.

The beloved Khau Gali of Law garden was razed on August 1, 2018 as a part of AMC’s Traffic and Demolition Drive. It was announced to be reconstructed as HAPPY STREET - a merrier, interesting and chilling place where people would come together to celebrate.

They Cycles would be whizzing past on the Cycle tracks. If people loved it more, it could be made a no vehicles zone. A street that celebrates art. A street where artists could come together and showcase their art- Dancers, Musicians, Jugglers.

And, kids walking around freely, devouring food and art. A street with Happy vibes all around. A HAPPY STREET! This is how it was supposed to be.

Instead of a place that is dedicated to Street food, it has become just another Food Truck park. Not that Food truck parks are not good. You get all that you may wish to eat, together at a single place, but at a cost.

The Walls have been made to look attractive, with exciting graffitis! But, people say the seating arrangements could have been better.

If the food is good, people neglect everything else. Coming to the food, prices are higher than they should’ve been. There are no street food joints. But why?

There are a lot of questions, does anyone know someone who can answer?

Written by- Karan Thakkar

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