Le Kar Hum Deewana Dil Movie Review

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“Ghar ma Vasan hoye to khakde” aka “Lekar hum Deewana Dil”
Here is the most unpredictable story:

  • Two lovey-dovey teenagers (chhoo chhweet they look eksaath na?)
  • “We are just friends” (Now, that was new. Raj, Rahul, Prem … you heard that?)
  • Parents pressurizes girl to get engaged (Never heard that one in India)
  • They realize they are the best match. Best friends can be best couple. (Introspection. Self Realization. Whatever)
  • Both run away. (Just the right thing to do)
  • Get married. (Even better)
  • Travel Goa, Raipur, Nagpur, and few more places. (Instagram. Tripadvisor. Selfies. CityShor. Wow)
  • Every time they land up in one or the other problem; worst of all was they had to stay with Maoists. (Penny saved is a penny earned. airbnp)
  • In the process they started fighting and hating each other. (Ghar ma vasan hoye to khakhde)
  • Devastated, they go back home. (Dad, am home! Missed you Tommy)
  • Divorce is the answer to end all the pain. (Let’s bring some excitement back to life)
  • Oops they again realize they love each other truly, madly, deeply. (Happiness. Endless. Awww…!)

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