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We told you about their ambience, we told you about their Indian dishes and now it’s time to tell you about their Lebanese / Mediterranean dishes. 

Before we disclose the name and their amazing looking and delicious dishes, let us refresh your memory a bit. It’s a place outside Ahmedabad, located near Gandhinagar, it’s an ideal place to hit on if you are in a mood for a long drive plus food, it’s an ideal place to experiment with your taste buds as their tag line says ‘undiscovered recipes’, it’s a place which gives you a hint of molecular gastronomy (for the first time in Ahmedabad), it’s a place which has almost a restaurant size waiting room, proper fine-dine set up and a dedicated mocktail deck place with state-of-the-art music system. I think many of you would have already guessed the name by now; however, for those who still haven’t got it – its Shamiyana, Undiscovered Recipes.

Well, since it’s a huge restaurant with huge menu as well, we are covering this place in parts and pieces. This article is dedicated to their Lebanese / Mediterranean dishes. We are kinda aware that this cuisine is not for masses, not everyone likes its taste – you have to develop your taste buds for it. However, for those class, niche and loyal base who love this cuisine, we surely recommend you not to miss it. 

What we tried there:
Spicy Harissa and ChickPea soup
Moroccan Spiced Broccoli and Almond Soup
Greek Nachos
Mezze Platter
Bajan Hummus
Greek Moussaka

And these dishes were exactly the way it should be. Neither spicy, least spices; they just stuck to its true authentic taste. We would not like to describe more about their taste, in fact, we would want you to try it out and share your feedback with us. We have picked up best from their menu and we would want you to try these and nothing else from what we have mentioned. 

Do us a favor, visit them and share your feedback. 

Shamiyana Restaurant, Besides Venus Party Plot, Koba Circle, Gandhinagar

Contact number:
9879000164 | 9879000759

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