Legendary street shopping hubs in Ahmedabad

The shopping culture in Ahmedabad has changed quite a bit in recent years from streets to development of super malls and shops. There are some of the legendary places though that retain the essence of street shopping. We bring to you 4 places that 'll put you into nostalgia and drive you back to the memories...

Address: Ellisbridge | Sundays: 8 am to 4 pm

For anything and everything for your home to yourself, Ravivari is an experience to be cherished. Thousands of shops get together on Sunday for shopping much like a mela. What is extremely attractive of Ravivari is that you get to relive so much culture and art at one place! It surely is not something to be missed. 

Address: Gandhi Road, Manek Chowk, Khadia.

The ladies market- Rani No Hajiro has always been an attraction in the old city. Here, you find every single item for girls from clothes, jewelery to perfumes. Surprisingly, though street shopping, it will bring to you latest trends that majority of city's public appreciates. 

Address: Shop No. 30, opp Suvidha Shopping Centre, Ellisbridge, Paldi.

It is very recent since a decade that people have options for shoe shopping in Ahmedabad other than Karnavati Pagarkha Bazar. From all the local brands that gives a range of options in shoes this place is a one stop street to change your shoe collection and what's the best here is you get a range of everything from flipflops, sandals, sneakers to heels. Do not underestimate the collection and trends at this place. 

Address: Law Garden Road | Time: 4 pm onwards

One of the most loved attractions for tourists, law garden even today is very well known amongst the localities for traditional clothes, bags, shoes and silver jewellery. An evening spent at law garden will surely be one of the best evenings. Shop, eat and be a part of the treat. 

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