Let’s make Sunday a fun day!

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The trivial yet vital moments of the kids are usually the ones from their childhood. The best part about the younger days are the summer vacations when all we had to do was to wake up, east, play, sleep, repeat. The long sunny days spent on the playground, or inside the house playing board games or running around the locality in search of the ball, or waiting eagerly for the ice-cream buggy to come by, these are the things which all of us did in our childhood. But in today’s era, when the eyes are glued to the screens, kids have forgotten the sweet joy of what was known as the time of life.

So, this summer go back in time with Brain Craft and C N Kalaniketan, which brings the all new concept of enjoying the Sunday playing all sorts of games and indulging in some beneficial yet fun activities. Your child can participate in all sorts of sports like cricket, football, badminton, etc. There is also can option of the child playing games like tug of war, hopscotch, gilli danda, etc. There are other beneficial activities like meditation, yoga, drama, dance, etc., for the kids to participate in which will definitely boost their creative center in the brain.

Such initiatives are necessary for the kids of our society and we strongly encourage you to send the kids for such programs. You can choose to take their demo session, which is going to be hosted from June 4, 2017 to June 11, 2017.
The fee structure is mentioned below:

Age group: 5yrs-17yrs.
Duration: 3 hours i.e., 0845hrs to 1200hrs.
Schedule: 20 Sundays 
Enrollment for the yearly program: Rs. 5000/-
Paid demo session: Rs. 300 per session.

Venue: Rangbhavan Amphitheatre, C N Vidyavihar, Gate 2, near SBI zonal office, Ambavadi.

Contact details: (+91) 7043911911
(+91) 7043911145
(+91) 9979499061

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