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Less than a week to go for AMDAVAD FLEA and when could not be more psyched! Well, who wouldn't be for, it isn't your regular flea market! The gala of an event offers much much more than simply shopping, in the form of - A LIVE STREET, wherein you can showcase the artform of your choice; A multitude of WORKSHOPS; Along-with the best of BANDS, all on 27th & 28th November, between 5 to 11 pm, at River Front Market, Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge.
Prior registration for WORKSHOPS & LIVE STREET is compulsory. Call Nishi on 7405381316.

To give you a teensy insight, as to what a LIVE STREET is all about; the ones behind AMDAVAD FLEA will let you perform your respective Art Form and talents to zealous Amdavadis, making the street full of life!

Apart from that, their list of WORKSHOPS are quite interesting on their own accord as well, in the form of:

While the BANDS laid out are all set to enthrall you, in the form of one of the best line-ups.

From varying backgrounds and unplanned (Yet so Natural) pulses, The Fortnight Jam united together with a mission to spread and be a part of World Peace. From the members encompassing their individual roles as artists having exposure at various skill sets and experience to being collective wholesome sound,
The Fortnight Jam has got impeccable intentions to immerse you amidst the explorations of life experiences through music!

The group of 5, strongly believe in how music can transform the world, and when 5 music enthusiasts from different walks of life come together, they bring out a new genre BOLLY-FUSION. Witness the new experiment on Bolly music with sounds of nature

The band rightly boasts of having a 2 time Oscar nominated Singer; Having performed with A.R. Rehman; and have also performed at Indie Earth, the best of their FOlk with International Fusion.

Performing Pop Punk, the band of young chaps has played at IIT-G, Chaos - IIM A, Channel V Fest - Goa, Metamorphosis CEPT and all the way at San Gabriel Valley - California; Making them one of the most renowned faces for you to witness.

The local band from Ahmedabad offers Funk Rock, Progressive, Rock, Soft Rock and Hard Rock, and with 3 Original Compositions in their bag; what more could one ask for?

The amateur Indian Artists, follow the words that 'Music is what feelings sound like'and their Feelings indeed sound wondrous.

More so, you also have RAINBOW DREAMERS and JAAZBA, playing classic Blues and Jazz. 
With hoards more lined up, brace yourselves for next weekend, wherein AMDAVAD FLEA is waiting for you all. Cheers.

Dates: 27-28 November

Timings: 5 to 11 pm

Venue: River Front Market, Sabarmati River Front, Ellis Bridge, Ahmedabad.

Contact: +91-9924423732


Tags: Live Street, Workshops, Bands & much more at AMDAVAD FLEA

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