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Women and makeup have a complicated relationship. And we in Ahmedabad have an expert who can make this complicated relationship work beautifully. Presenting you Megha Mittra who can make you look more beautiful than ever. 

Makeup? - some revel in it, some try on every latest trend, others keep it simple, sticking with the bare basics and many abhor the stuff, either because they don’t like its feel on their skin, or don’t like what it stands for. Love it or hate it, women have been using makeup, in different forms, for a very long time.  

But the real question is, why? Why do women wear it — anyone who has ever felt gorgeous after a swipe of rosy blush can tell you that makeup can help them feel, and thereby look pretty. Makeup is used to even the complexion, darken the eyes, pinken the cheeks and redden the lips, no matter if you’re an Ancient Egyptian or a modern Indian woman primping for a Saturday night out.

It’s not just bold colors that matter. Foundation and cover-up also play a large role in making a woman look more attractive because even skintones give the impression of youth. When we’re young and healthy, our skin is flawless. But as we get older, our skin tends to get discolorations and become less even-textured, whether from the sun, scars or other kinds of damage. It’s not surprising that covering up such imperfections makes us appear younger and healthier.

But, you’ll often hear women say, MY (boyfriend/husband/partner/whoever) says that I look prettier without makeup! Well, it's true that when you poll men about their makeup preferences there is no doubt that a good portion of men will gladly say women look prettier without it.

While that's certainly a nice sentiment but their actions speak louder than their words. Study after study has found that when shown pictures of women with and without makeup, men (and women!) consistently rate images with makeup as more attractive, confident, feminine and healthy.

Since now you are more or less convinced that make-up is kinda necessary and it will make you look beautiful, don’t you need to know who the expert is in this field. And even if you don’t prefer to wear make-ups on a routine day, you surely don’t miss out on those special days. 

We present to you Megha Mittra, the makeup artist who did her professional course from Mumbai, who specializes in Weddings, Photo Shoots, Private Parties, Special Occasions, Public Appearances, Make-up Demonstrations and much more. 

Contact her on 09601439316 and be assured of looking more beautiful!

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