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When was the last time you took your beloved on a date? How about a romantic candle-lit dinner at the ONLY Midnight Terrace Restro Cafe of Gujarat : Revive


Go ahead, call  7575009924 / 7575009953 to know more!  (Address : Revive- The Restro Cafe, 6th Floor, Hotel Eulogia Inn, Besides Prime Status, Near Gota Bridge)


At a just a cover charge of Rs.2000, you can book this area especially designated for couples and order any 6 food items of your liking from the entire menu! Moreover, you can also get the space decorated as per your desires and needs!


Hurry up, because the place gets jam-packed on weekends! For those who do not know, City’s one of the most famous DJs, DJ Taral plays live music from 6 to 3AM! Yes, the place stays open daily till 3 AM! There is a reason why this is called the Midnight Terrace Restro Cafe! Again, if you are throwing a party, call and book your entry for this weekend- 75750 09924, 75750 09953!


Last but not the least, here is a glimpse of the mouth-watering delicacies on offer here at Revive-

Sangaria Mocktail- Beginnings should always be on the right note!

Ghughnia - This Bengali Chaat is something you may have never tried before anywhere in the city.

Loaded Nachos- Well, it tastes as good as it looks, trust us!

Veg. Burger- How about getting something heavy in your stomach, after an adrenaline rush filled dance?

Pita Falafel- Try this and you’ll know the difference between the real and the fake!

Saag Khichadi- You went dancing again? Try this Royal Khichadi now, while you take a break!

Kitkat Shake- Well, does it even need to be described?


If you get tired of dancing, or feel shy of it- enjoy the visuals on the giant screen and of course the skies of Ahmedabad! Hurry up, the Couples’ Table is available on Pre-bookings only!


Address- Revive- The Restro Cafe, 6th Floor, Hotel Eulogia Inn, Besides Prime Status, Near Gota Bridge, Gota.

Contact- 75750 09924, 75750 09953

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