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With Ganesh Chaturti around the corner and taking in consideration 'His' fondness for ladoos, we bring you a home based venture that caters to your need for the same with relative ease. MRS. MITHAI bring you delicious home-made sweets that aren't just healthy and super fresh but, they can also be customized the way that you want.
Simply call: 9712346868 or 9898441455 to inquire more.

Festivals have always been a part of our culture and with them, sweet savoring mithai go hand in hand (one of the upsides to any festival and of course the pocket money).
And of course, who doesn't love ladoos? Well, I assure you Lord Ganesh sure does. From the smallest of his statuettes to the biggest of his idols there is always a bowl ladoos at his feet (no one is stopping you from doing the same).

Prepared with love by two homemakers, Ritu Abichandani & Mamta Kheskani, who got saturated of the adulteration that the commercial sweet vendors tend to greedily incorporate; they assure to give you a great taste.

Up for grabs is a glorious array of ladoos and in different flavors as per your taste. From Coconut to Besan, Dry Fruit to Magaj, they have it all.
The best bit?
The ladoos have the right amount of sweetness in them and they do not shabbily seep out the remainder of the ghee once you break into one, which is something hard to get by.

Well, no festival, religious ceremony, wedding or even the culmination of a business deal in India is complete without the mandatory mithai so, savour one of the finest mithais to ever satisfy your sweet tooth without any adulteration whatsoever. Cheers.

Contact: Ritu Abichandani 9712346868 | Mamta Kheskani 9898441455

-Written by Siddharth

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