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A celebration with sweets? When have you ever seen that happening?
But, with the progressive approach towards eating healthy, don't let hamper you from satiating your sweet tooth for, MRS. MITHAI bring you delicious home-made sweets that aren't just healthy and super fresh but, they can also be customized the way that you want.
Quite a perk that one needs. Simply call: 9712346868 or 9898441455 to inquire more.

As you get set for Rakshabandhan, gifts apart, one can never make do a festivity without sweets. Wherever you might be in the world, the wonderful aroma of a mithai, the homely fragrance -of ghee, the shiny sweet sugary laddus that bring back the memories of your mother preparing them lovingly for you. 

Prepared with love by two homemakers, Ritu Abichandani & Mamta Kheskani, who got saturated of the adulteration that the commercial sweet vendors tend to greedily incorporate; they assure to give you a great taste.

MRS. MITHAI brings you delicious home-made mithais this Rakshabandhan, making it just the right perk you need this season. From Kaju Mithai to Pista Mithai, Magaj Laddus to Coconut Laddus, from Khorak (a Sindhi Delicacy) to Dry Fruit Rolls that are Sugar Free, they offer it all.
Talking about guilt free indulgence, right? They don't want anybody to refrain from these nutty delights.

To enjoy these delicious goodies, place your order at the earliest for, your sweets are made fresh from the time you ask for it.
Well, no festival, religious ceremony, wedding or even the culmination of a business deal in India is complete without the mandatory mithai so, savor one of the finest mithais to ever satisfy your sweet tooth without any adulteration whatsoever. Cheers.

Contact: Ritu Abichandani 9712346868 | Mamta Kheskani 9898441455

-Written by Siddharth

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