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Presenting you with the newest antidote against the Seasons attack. Cafe Focacciano - BootCamp, indulge into this experience of some calming ambiance, fantastic food presentation and cuisine that is for sure a must have this season.

The withering of the leaves, the dried earth and a tiring day – These are the permanent features of the ongoing season. This time, the Summer God has been extra grateful in showering us with his blessings, atleast that’s what he thinks up there!

But then there’s always a grand plan in any of nature’s endeavor and the ongoing season is no exception. 
While the temperatures soar up and we mortals are left with no or limited choice to keep up with our spirits, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel that helps us to bring that cheer on us! So here’s presenting you with that one awesomeness of an option, that will peel of any sign of tiredness and dullness of you and lift up your spirits! 
Focacciano: at Vaishnodevi Circle, is the one must visit place for all us Ahmedabadis this season. This is just not a run of the mill option, but one of the few places that can be relied upon when you need that much need happiness in your life!

So why does this place stand out? Here’s our experience:


Nothing jazz but the apt use of wood that makes this place a more relaxing and comforting option. Wooden flooring, wooden benches for us to park on and just enough of lights that creates a world so beautiful that wraps us up and has a calming effect the very moment you step in the cafe.

First step into Focacciano and you peel off the very effects of the ongoing season! Reveal the refreshed and rejuvenated you!


And here’s where the heart of the experience lies. The beauty of the cafe was just a prelude to an outstanding experience. And here’s what we picked from their exhaustive menu of some lip smacking options in food and refreshing mocktails. And yes, the food presentation is as good as it gets. So beware, it can be love at Food Sight, this time!

Backed Puff Pasta & Ravioli Pasta are the must haves if you are an absolute fan of some classic Italian cuisine. Creamy, Cheesy and absolute bliss the moment you dig your teeth into it! Go for it, you foodie!
Ethenea Pizza, Mexican focaccia, Royal Kitchen, Tandori Mushroom & Tempura Fired Platter are our choices for the experimental foodie. If you want nothing run of the mill, indulge your senses into either of these recommendations and watch yourself elevate to a notch up on your food experience! 
For those thirst quenchers - Sip onto either an Atomic Cat, Oreo Cookie Shake or a Watermelon Smoothie and feel the effects of the season drain down revealing you in all your elements!

And now to the seasons must at Focacciano: Mango Panna Cota – You ought not miss this essential and let your experience ends on a beautiful note!

Without a much ado, note the address and scheduled your experience at FOCACCIANO. Here’s to a new experience, here’s to enjoying the season!

Address: BOOTCAMP, SP Ring Road. At Vaishno Devi Circle. Besides Water Tank. (AUDA) SG Highway. Ahmedabad - Contact: 9427806089

Tags: Love at Food Sight and all else brilliant!

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