Love story of their scooter!

On my way home, I suddenly saw something flashy. It was sharp and color was blue and with polka dots. That was a scooter in the opposite direction! It came closer and passed by and I was in a shock! It was like seeing something strange on Ahmedabad roads! It was in the opposite direction and I wanted to chase it. I took a U Turn, chased it and stopped the couple on middle of the way. Introduced myself and said your scooter! I couldn’t say anything else and the uncle smiled at me. Yes, that was crazy!

I should have actually guessed that it would be a Parsi couple. Yes, Parsi community is known for their love for vehicles. Oh my god, this scooter was just not a scooter, it was their baby. I was talking on middle of the road but couldn’t take my eyes off this beauty. Unlce Dara Bariya and his wife, the old couple was on their way home too. I asked them if I could click a picture of this shining beauty but he wanted his baby to be clicked more beautifully and I was invited at his home after a week so that he could clean it properly. Yeah, the love for his scooter for felt then.

After a week, we went to his home. A very simple home with dogs’ pictures on all the walls! This Parsi couple also loves dogs and yes, that is another thing Parsis are famous for. Dogs! The best part is, ask anyone “Dogswala Parsi couple” and they’ll guide you to their home! On our entry, we saw two stray dogs in a room. Two stray dogs stay at their home! You need to visit this house to feel the love amongst all of them! The dogs are super possessive about this couple.

About Dara uncle and his wife, it was love marriage in the era when it was not possible but yes, they did it. The charm on their face while telling us their story was still the same. They were blushing while telling us their old love story.  That moment can’t be expressed. Seriously! So moving onto their scooter.

It was that normal Bajaj scooter and Dara Uncle wanted to make it look different. Well, it was more than different. He designed it in his imagination and brought on the real roads. While in making, he wanted everything to be perfect so he went with the garage guy, helped him understand, design & mould the parts. In the photographs you’ll see pointed nose of the scooter, two flaps near the feet space, decorated silver horses, two big extra lights and what not? Well, this scooter also has a radio! They never wanted their long or small drives to be boring! Isn’t that something extraordinary? So he got it painted blue but that wasn’t it! He wanted it flashier and then came the polka dots. The beauty got ready and this is how it looked. (See the Photographs)

The story would go on and on and on! We are in love with this couple. They are the best and the cutest! We learnt many things and enjoyed having those cookies and the biscuits with them! 

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