Lulu for your hair by shailaja Chokshi

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Try to be different! By different, we mean the look! Change your dressing, change the way you look, change your hairstyle?  We bring to you a trend that is being followed in other cities or countries but first time in Ahmedabad. No it’s not a hairstyle; it’s a hair do that you have to get done from Shailaja Chokshi. And don’t worry, it’s a temporary thing!

What is that new added thing in the hair called? Lulu! Yes, she calls it Lulu. Isn’t that a cute name for a hair do? Well, it’s quiet funky but why not try something for once? It might be one of the small things in your wish list to go an extra mile. So go get it done! What Shailaja does?

She takes a small portion of your long hair, braid it, tie it with thread which takes more than 40 minutes and a colorful strand is ready. And yes, it’s not easy to do so don’t try at home otherwise you’ll end up tangling your nice hair. Get it in one color or rainbow colors like in pics and flaunt. Definitely it looks great and yes, it makes you stand out! Not only girls, guys with long hair can also get it done. It’s kind of getting temporary colorful dreadlocks.

How to style?

Keep your hair open and that one colorful strand will look great or tie a bun up and leave that Lulu untied. It’s the look that I I love the most! One more style is, braid all your hair with lulu. Try something new otherwise as anything will look good.

First of all, get it done!

Contact Shailaja Chokshi: 9825019247

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