M.A.D by Tomato's, The Legend

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Voila ... You don't have to travel to CG Rd any more for Tomato's, for now they are on SG Rd. Presenting to you : M.A.D by Tomato's (Sumel Complex, Near Tej Motors, S.G.Highway)
You've sure not seen Ahmedabad if you haven't been to Tomato's. Tomato's is not a restaurant - it's a legend; a story that started couple of decades ago and still continues to amaze people with its lovely American ambiance and super delicious food. While many came & left during the period, they kept getting the love they deserve from Ahmedabad. So what makes Tomato's different than others? Well, let's just say it's almost everything about them. The food, the people and the ambiance.
Since we already told you about the ambiance of M.A.D by Tomato's in our last article (read : http://bit.ly/1sQ2jSs) here is what we believe about the food we tasted on our last visit :
We started our journey with CRISPY GARLIC SPINACH SOUP, the aroma & the taste would leave a lasting impression on you. If you are not a Soup person, start with POMEGRANATE MAGARITA

We moved on the starters with MINI MEXICAN TOSTADAS FIESTA with crunchy base, topped up with Mexican beans, Veggies and loads of cheese. The second dish on the line was COTTAGE CHEESE MEXICAN KABOBS that melts in your mouth. For those in love with Sea Food, don’t miss PRAWNS GARLIC BUTTER SAUCE. No, don’t expect it to be spicy but delicious nonetheless. HARISSA MARINATED FISH with orange sauce is truly drool-worthy. Their CHICKEN DHANSHAK is one dish that you may not find anywhere else in Ahmedabad. Well, not to forget MUTTON DHANSHAK as well!  Two thumbs up for this authentic Parsi dish.  Veggies out there should not miss on VEG VINDALOO & CHEESE SOUFFLE. Vindaloo, again, is a unique spicy dish brought all the way from Goa, served with Garlic bread. Non-veggies can order for Chicken Vindaloo. CHEESE SOUFFLÉ is to die for - full of melted cheese. Get selfish with this dish and don't share :)

We, then, savored ourselves with the slurrpy desserts with APPLE CRUMBLE (oh, how I loved that hint of cinnamon), PLUM CAKE with toffee sauce, CHOCOLATE MELTED TORTAS and NEW YORK CHEESE CAKE. Each one truly outstanding and authentic.
So while we are going back to M.A.D by Tomato's pretty soon (that's our job too ... he he), make sure you visit them this weekend.

Address: M.A.D by Tomato's, Ground Floor, Sumel Complex, Near Tej Motors, S.G.Highway, Ahmedabad
Contact: +91-079-26857885 | +91-9712906726

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