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CityShor is excited to feature a service which has not been ever covered on our platform. 
In a normal scenario, what do you do when you want to buy jewellery - you get into a store and just buy from what a jeweller has in stock – right?.  Many a times, you are just not happy because of multiple reasons like - not happy with jeweller’s stock or you have something very specific in your mind or you wanted to match it up with your brand new expensive saree - but the jeweller just doesn’t have right options for you. What to do in such cases? Here’s Kirit Jhaveri, Parthiv Jhaveri & Anish Jhaveri; Father – Son trio for your rescue. They do made-to-order precious jewellery (diamond, jadtar, coloured stones, vilandi/polki). Yes, you heard it right. 
It is absolutely interesting, satisfactory and cost effective. The process starts with figuring out what you have in mind in terms of look, colours, budget, occasion, etc..  The process allows you to specify smallest of the details and fine tune the jewellery to your taste.  
Once you visit their boutique they will advise and show you the various options and styles available, so you can be an integral part of the design process. Tailoring can be as specific as you want - images of your gown/saree, your hairstyle and any other accessories can be considered to match that overall look. 
And don’t worry, there’s no dearth of choices there. There are thousands of designs and various permutations and combinations. They also use different stones like pearls, emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc. just to give that custom look to your masterpiece. To complete your wedding trousseau, you can also opt for customized jadtar/vilandi jewellery specifically designed to match with your wedding outfit.
Each piece of jewellery is hallmarked by BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) for purity of gold and diamonds are certified by European Gemmological Laboratory (EGL).
Oh, are you under the impression that custom made pieces are expensive? That’s not true! In fact, it’s exactly the other way round. Since they don’t have to stock lot of jewelleries, their prices are much lower than any other ready-made jewellery retailer. Also, they can design and manufacture the jewellery to have changeable colours, to get the maximum out of each rupee spent. So make your own masterpiece at your own price!
The amount of time needed to make a jewellery piece is absolutely dependent upon the individual design. However, it largely varies from two to six weeks after design is confirmed by the customer. Trust us, it’s worth the wait though. 
Wearing unique custom-made jewellery is of course an exhilarating experience. They give you endless opportunities to take you to the centre stage, without burning a hole in your pocket.
They guarantee you that they don’t do anything run of the mill. They do completely unique, one-of-a-kind designs that you are sure none would be having in your surroundings.

About himself:
Kirit Jhaveri himself is a jewellery designer having 45 years of jewellery business experience. His jewellery designs have been displayed at many design competitions organized by Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council of India. He has also won award from M/s Grant Walker, internationally renowned jewellery design firm based in London.
Isn’t it exciting enough? Then what are you waiting for? Give a call to them right away for an appointment. If you don’t have immediate plans to buy jewellery, at least meet them now so that your next buying decision becomes much easier, faster and cheaper. 
Boutique Name: Kirit Jhaveri
Address: B/1, First Floor, Center Point, Panchwati, Ahmedabad 380006
Phone: 9898421500, 9898500515, 9898336362

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