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Madras Café : Serious| Class Apart | Exceptional | … and a few more adjectives |

Madras Café is set against the backdrop of Civil War of Sri Lanka that lasted for decades and claimed innumerous lives, shook Government of India and left a bad, black stamp in the history of World. Shoojit Sircar, the director, plays around with a ‘fact’ story, blends with the ‘fiction’, balances both & triumphantly manages to present story in ‘never-told’ way. Never in the movie does it give the reference to the real life incidences but you know for sure what are they talking about & who are the characters. Every scene, every single dialogue, each character and each frame of movie has been carved so brilliantly that you don’t even realize you have sat for two hours straight without changing your position on seat.

The movie deals with the most serious concerning topics: Terrorism, Politics & International Conspiracy. Sri Lanka, under Civil War, takes help of India in re-creating peace in country. Looking at the political situation world-wide & a possible threat from West, India sends an Army troupe to Sri Lanka. But things get worse. John is an Indian Army official who is sent to Sri Lanka to deal with the situation as an under-cover agent. During his operation, his identity is uncovered due to a mole inside his department, blowing off his operation, causing a serious political problem in both the countries and finally leading to resignation of the-then Prime Minister of India. The story continues with John trying to unveil the conspiracy … No, we won’t tell you the entire story :)

Simply because of the nature of these topics, the movie could have turned out to be a complicated one, had it not been the gripping command of Director & Writers over the story-telling art. The hero of movie is not your typical Indian Hero who can kill 10 highly trained ruthless militants during a jump in the air before he lands on ground. No. Indeed he is better than a civilian but makes his own mistakes, gets fooled by enemies, struggles to understand the conspiracy, gets kidnapped by terrorists, beaten almost to death and gets saved by Military (and not on his own). John remains grounded & is not burdened with heroic stunts or dialogues. Nargis is a journalist from London who behaves like one & doesn’t go around singing song with John. The background music is apt for the cinematography and thankfully the movie has only one song. One more song and it would have been injustice to a serious topic like this.

Overall, kudos to the Madras Café team for being audacious enough to bring up a topic like this, convert it into a movie, giving it just the perfect angle & hitting the right chords!

4 Shors out of 5

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