Magnolia Residency - In the heart of western Ahmedabad

Imagine a situation, where you are sitting back and relaxing in your home sipping a hot cup of coffee with no worries of your future, at least when it comes to the place that you are staying for you have made the right decision by opting for a spacious & luxurious apartment with all the amenities, close to all the proximal landmarks and services. You adore the design, the intricate details about this dream house of yours and feel proud about yourself.
You can stop imagining now because without further ado, let us shed some light on a piece of real estate that is very close to your dream house; MAGNOLIA RESIDENCY. Placed in the heart of West Ahmedabad, they have come up with palatial 3 BHK homes just for you. The apartments are 14 storeys high, making them the tallest in the area. The location of these buildings is enough to grab your attention. You will come across them a mere 500 meters away from Jodhpur Cross Roads and Prernatirth Derasar.
With privacy being the most important concern, they disagree with the concept of common walls between apartments. That is something we haven't come across in quite some time. Apart from being a thorough pleasure to your senses, they are also providing with an array of notable amenities:
-A Children Day Care Centre - Magnolia Residency is probably one of the few rare apartments which offer such a facility for the residing working couples.
-A High-Tech Gymnasium along-with a separate area for the ones who would want to opt for Yoga.
-An Indoor Gaming Arena.
-A Modular Kitchen - With Polished granite kitchen platform, an S. S. Sink and Ceramic tiles make for a rare amenity that is hard to get by in a 3 BHK Apartment. 
-A Running Track.
-A Multi-Level Car Parking - With parking being a major concern, you don't have to worry one bit.
-A Landscaped Garden with a play area for your kids.
-Individual Garbage Collection - Each apartment comes equipped with a garbage chute. This system enables all residents to have garbage free homes.
-24x7 Security with monitoring system.
Apart from their amazing array of salient features, Magnolia Residency is surrounded by 13 Famous schools, ensuring a well constructed future for your kids.
Folks, trust us. If you are planning to buy a place to spend the rest of your life with not over worry in the back of your head then MAGNOLIA RESIDENCY is the Architectural Hub. Cheers.
Contact: Malav Patel (9099-004570 and 98796-65092)
Address: Magnolia Residency, Next to Pruthvi Tower, Near Jodhpur Cross Road, Satellite, Ahmedabad - 380015
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