Main Khadi Hoon

Attributes: Clothing, Footwear, Accessories, Bottoms/Trousers

Sorry! You are wrong! You thought Khadi, India’s own fabric, is ‘not cool’? You thought there is a limit in what Khadi can do to Fashion-ize you?

Check this out : A Fashion store, yes, in Ahmedabad, that balances Khadi & Fashion like never before. In their mission of promoting & creating awareness about Khadi, this store did exactly what needs to be done. They changed with Fashion trend, infused ‘style’ in Khadi & is giving you just the right mix of Fabric & Fashion.

We told you about the store, the history of Khadi & the beauty of it, on 2nd October; now we are showcasing their products : Women / Men wear | Shoes (ya, Khadi Trendy Shoes)| a small range of Books & loads of Originality :)

Still not sure? Well, we promise – your notions will change moment you visit ‘Main Khadi Hoon’

The “MKH” clothes are a repository of human experience and goodwill; each thread is spun with the story of the individual who spins it. They are weaving more than clothes; they are also weaving a social fabric that celebrates diversity, encourage tolerance and promotes compassionate community.

Go visit them & experience the world of Khadi

Main Khadi Hoon, 3rd Eye, Panchvati Circle, C. G. Road

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