Majestic Art into Architecture!

One of a kind gallery- Apical Reform brings together the creative passion of art coupled with niche architectural understanding. The design practice, with its experimental techniques, has been developing proficiency in functional art, Art bespoke, as well as architectural design. They have been working towards establishing a construct for integrating technology and innovations in their designs.

Through a thorough understanding of materials, environment and purpose, amalgamated with sound aesthetic sensibilities, they have developed a niche of their own. AR has been directing its energy towards functional art : art with a purpose that not only serves the artist's expression but partakes in the betterment of its environment. They intend to learn and and spread awareness among people about Art as a means to express, to serve, to innovate and to reform.
Their design ethos stems from the idea that the design should be “visually powerful, intellectually elegant and above all timeless”.

Through the last 5 years, Apical Reform, has explored into design languages, genres of design such as - origami and folds, layering, machine, image and fluidity. They have also worked on architectural and interior projects - residencies, commercial buildings and artistic creations - of which some have been applauded internationally. One of the projects, Penthouse 1102, showcases their expertise in some of these techniques, and customized artworks and has been featured in key design blogs and magazines both in India and abroad.

Shifting to a more smaller scale, two of their more popular works are -
The Betula Chair, which is a sinuous structure made entirely out of birch ply, as an example of fluid decontructivism, is pleasing aesthetically and comforting ergonomically.

Syncronicity, is the re-imagining of an industrialized city, with gear systems, ascending from the earth and soaring towards the sky. Figuratively synchronized, the elaborate, seven-tiered assembly at once evokes a sense of fascination as one witnesses the overtones of complexity of this ultra mechanized city. 
Analogous to the amorphous yet structured sprawl of a new age metropolis, Synchronicity incorporates multitudes of gears made from sheets of aluminum, layered over one another with acute precision and balance.

Amrish Patel, Principal of Apical Reform and Darshan Soni, Director, working with a close knit team of designers have developed an acute understanding of their field of work.
The Apical Reform Gallery has long been a notion that Apical Reform has been working towards; all their artworks, explorations and efforts under one roof. Their gallery is surely worth a visit!

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