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We girls love makeup since our childhood. Yeah, I remember, I used to take my mom’s make up, sit in front of the mirror and apply it like I know it all. The mess on the face looked cute!

So this story is about a girl who took her childhood hobby to profession and she loves it to the core. Megha Mittra, a young talented girl who was always passionate about make-up, learnt most of the makeup styles by herself. Watching make up videos was her hobbies and that’s how she learnt most of the techniques but then she decided to take it further and joined Fat Mu makeup academy in Mumbai.

And now, she is one of the few certified makeup artists in Ahmedabad. Well, this was about her passion for makeup but before even learning it professionally she’d achieved what not many have. She had been offered to work with Micky Contractor, she has worked on 3 films (Saheb, Biwi or Gangster, Saheb, Biwi or gangster returns & a short film called Dream Chasers). Interesting right? Yes, that’s how much she is in love with make-up.

Ahmedabad is not really make-up friendly and that’s what she wants to change. She does make up for wedding, parties, reception etc. Well, here’s some good news! Megha would not only apply makeup on your face but would also conduct workshops for people who wish to learn. She said, "Instead of giving them fish to eat everytime they are hungry, i want to teach them fishing. This way they will be able to re-create any look they wish to, without the need of a professional." Who thinks so much about others?

So Megha Mittra comes with a package. Get more beautiful, Learn and flaunt with elegance! 

She specializes in Weddings, Photo Shoots, Private Parties, Special Occassions, Public Appearances, Make-up Demonstrations and much more. Contact her on 09601439316


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