Make your events memorable Get food from Vinayak caterers

Cuisines: Punjabi, Gujarati, Continental, South Indian, Asian, Healthy, European, Chocolate, Sindhi, Desserts

Filters: Vegetarian Only

Attributes: Outdoor Catering

Make your events / occasions memorable not only for you, but for all the ones who attend! Get Food & services from Vinayak Caterers- Call: 9099106089 / 7405325475

Irrespective of the kind of event it is, one thing that is always discussed during and after it is FOOD! “Biju badhu to theek. Khavanu kevu chhe / hatu?”

Let it be remembered by all those who made it and let everyone missed attending regret for it. Book Vinayak caterers. CALL: 9099106089 / 7405325475

Their packages start at Rs. 225 per person!

Panning across multiple cuisines like South Indian, Mexican, continental, Vinayak caterers is not only about food! It is more making your complete experience - seamlessly!

They have lived and served by a single motto since ages- “The customers’ wish is their command!”

So, be it any kind of event- corporate, Birthday parties, weddings, ring ceremony or just a party. All that you need to do is- Call Vinayak Caterers: 9099106089 / 7405325475

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