Make your way down to The Country Retreat Farmstay, Ranakpur

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'HOME AWAY FROM HOME'! Well, that is the easiest way to sum up your experience when you make your way down to The COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, Ranakpur!
To inquire, call on: +91-7742919278

Spread over a whopping 130 acres of lush farmland - A perfect luxurious accommodation set in the rustic, beautiful countryside of Rajasthan; Walking into THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY was a blessing for, it is a boutique Farmstay offering luxury accommodation in the aristocratic settings co-matching the rustic beauty of countryside of the Godwad region of Rajasthan.

Explore grand temples and forts or simply unwind in the midst of farms, away from the concrete jungle for, The Country Retreat Farmstay, takes you into nature's haven, surrounded by lush farms, with the back drop of soft hills against the blue sky, offering a magnificent sight that is bound to be mesmerizing!

While the rooms are stirred with a regal touch to experience the quintessence of Rajasthan; You can also explore an abundant range of activities like cycling, bird watching, Sheep herding, & ample farming activities or just choose to hold a camera in one hand and a book in another.
Their in-house kitchen takes pride is serving up some wondrous Indian as well as Regional Specialties. Be it their DAAL BAATI CHURMA, LAAL MAAS, KOFTAS, TAMATAR ki Sabzi or even their RAJBHOG & KHEER; you are bound to lick your fingers clean!

This tranquil 'resort' with it's unpolluted environment tends to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul; Take our word for it when we say that you should make your way over to The COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTARY, this Diwali for an unparalleled experience, with top-notch hospitality that would surely be a first for you! Cheers.

Contact: +91-7742919278

Address: THE COUNTRY RETREAT FARMSTAY, VPO - Bankli, Teh. Sumerpur, Dist. Pali, Rajasthan - 306902

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