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So you have heard about House of MG? Have you also heard about Mangaldas Ni Haveli? Yes? Have you been inside? We hear “NO” from most of you and hence here is a sneak peek into the 200 years old Haveli, considered to have one of the best carved wooden architecture.

We must tell you that photography is not allowed and we are just so glad, CityShor was still allowed to click photographs inside Mangaldas ni Haveli. But tell you what … no photographer can do justice to the beauty of this Haveli.

Estimated to be around 200 years old, Mangaldas ni Haveli is located in Khadia, the heart of the historic walled city of Ahmedabad. It originally belonged to a Nagar Brahmin family and is one of the finest examples of carved wooden architecture typical of that time. This Haveli was bought by the Mangaldas family in 2006 and has been restored with the help of the Heritage Cell of the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation. There also used to be a café which has been closed down, owing to the parking issues.

Rest, we will let the pictures do the talking …:)

But hello, why only see on CityShor? Go check out Mangaldas Ni Haveli yourself any day between 9am to 2pm & 6pm to 11pm at Lakha Patel ni Pol, Khadia. Entry is free. Remember not to take your four-wheeler since the lanes are too narrow. You can also opt for yet another one it’s kind of ‘walk’ called “Heritage Walk”. Check out the last picture in the album to know about it.


Mangaldas Ni Haveli
Lakha Patel ni Pol, Khadia, Ahmedabad
Contact : 079-22140416

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