MANJU'S - The Art of Cooking

Truly delicious cakes not always come out of boxes and packets; Rather a mouth-watering masterpiece is only cherished when you bake it from scratch! Now about your query, of you not knowing how to bake, let us slip the information about "MANJU'S - THE ART OF COOKING" under the table, real quick. Sshhhhhhh!
Led by Chef PRADIP DEY, the classes are all about bringing the chef in you, come to life, in simple 3-5-7 Day Workshops.
To inquire, call: 9687587876

Even with all the fame that Pradip has gained over the year, he is still a giver and not a hoarder of all the enviable knowledge. Some wise man quoted brilliantly… ‘You can’t use up creativity, the more you share it… the more you have’.
Not only enroll yourself but also get hands on experience of handling the material medium and practice using the tools.

Whether you are a beginner, a home cake maker or even a pastry chef, the hub of all things sweet offers a  course to suit you; Be it covering a Cake with a lusty icing to making Chocolates like pros. Each course is taught by PRADIP DEY himself, who shares his expert knowledge and experience, giving you the skills and confidence to take your interest to the next level.

One of the best parts of these workshops is the fact that you get the knowledge of cake making in detail with hands on practice, and learning step by step from the chef; Who offers hundreds of gourmet cooking tips and techniques gleaned from his years of personal and professional experience. 
More so, you also get to test and taste your product; While also get the opportunity to purchase Tools and ingredients from there, that aren't not easily found in the market.

With his batch strength being limited in number, learners receive individual attention. Imagine decorating your own wedding cake or a birthday special theme you’d craft with your very own hands! How can anything in the world beat that emotion?

To give you a little insight on the chef; Though he started a career in Fine Arts, he turned his artistic talent to the art of Pastry and thank the stars that he did! Having worked with celebrity chef GARY RHODES and chef JAMES MARTIN in UK, helped him to begin his celebrated career as a Pastry Chef.

Okay then, enough talk! Time’s a-wasting!
Learn! Bake! Cut! Share! Enjoy! Repeat!

Contact: +91-9687587876

Address: Shop No-31, Shree Krishna Centre, Gate no.1, above Crossword, Mithakhali Six Roads, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad.

For more details on the Workshops, go onto:

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